eBay is undergoing a major overhaul; new announcements are being made all the time, and selling requirements are changing in numerous categories.

Coming into effect on 8 October 2019, are the new item specific requirements for:

  • Home, Furniture & DIY
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Jewellery & Watches
  • Toys & Games

Here’s everything you need to know so that you can ensure your items are as visible as possible and listed accurately.

What are item specifics?

Item specifics are details about the item that you’re selling on eBay, such as brand, size type, size, colour, and style. These details appear at the top of your listing description and are the first and most important information buyers will read about your item, they can make or break a sale or bid, and are crucial to get right. A seller’s success on eBay begins when buyers find their way to listings – so it is essential to complete item specifics in order for your items to be found on both eBay and external search engines.

What are the changes?

eBay has looked into billions of searches to identify the key item specifics for product categories and is making three of four item specifics mandatory per category.  Before, how much detail a seller did or didn’t put into the item specifics was optional. Now when the new requirements come into effect, sellers must fill in these item specifics when creating a new listing, or even relisting an item.

Why the update?

It was announced earlier in the year that eBay is adjusting its approach to product-based shopping on the marketplace. Through its constant monitoring of buyers’ data, including buyer searches and most used filters, eBay can create new categories and decide on the best new product information needed from sellers to ensure that their listings are reaching the widest audience.

There are 182 million buyers on eBay, which means that there’s a huge opportunity to take advantage of buyer’s data and use it to increase the likelihood of a sale.

Additional support

In line with the research, eBay has made some changes to support sellers when the new item specifics requirements take effect. When listing an item, it will be visible which item specifics are:

  • Required”, such as brand, size, colour – these are deemed critical to the buyer experience and will help improve your item’s visibility
  • Recommended” – these enhance the search experience for buyers
  • Additional” – these help buyers know more about your item and its features, and can play a role in the buyer’s purchasing decision


Filling in as much information as possible in the item specifics will help your products perform the best they can. This information allows eBay to better understand your products and ensure that they are appearing in the correct spaces, increasing your visibility and ultimately your sales.

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