• #BackedByVelocity initiative to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic
  • Support for sports teams, community clubs and charities

As lockdown restrictions ease, and community sports teams, clubs and causes of all kinds start to look ahead to the future, we’re rebooting our #BackedByVelocity initiative to support those who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Sports teams and club activities are so important for the physical and mental wellbeing of both children and adults and, through #BackedByVelocity, we hope to support as many clubs as possible as they get back on their feet. As a business centred around online sales, we’ve been lucky to be able to continue operating during the lockdown period but this isn’t the case for many organisations, therefore we’d like to extend our offer of support to causes in the local area which need a little extra help during this challenging time.

The #BackedByVelocity initiative was originally launched at the start of 2020, to support grassroots sports teams from all over the UK with sponsorship and funding. Since then, we’ve partnered with a range of teams, including Histon Hornets, a local “mini soccer” club for children aged five and six, who were thrilled to receive funding for brand new kit for its 22 young players.

During coronavirus lockdown, while sporting activities came to a halt, we switched focus and supported a number of local causes to help those in need in Cambridgeshire. As many elderly people faced loneliness due to lockdown restrictions, we donated Majority radios to a local care home, providing a small window to the world to help combat isolation for the residents. During this time, we also donated gifts from our eBay store to vulnerable young people living in CHS Group’s supported housing, who were celebrating birthdays from March to May. Now, as lockdown measures continue ease, we’re keen to bring back our sponsorship drive, continuing supporting local causes as well as rebooting our support for sports teams across the country.

Sports teams, community clubs and local charities and organisations looking for funding and support can get in touch with us via an application form on our website. Clubs and teams can be part of a school, college or university, or can be run by the local community, and funding can be for anything, big or small, depending on the needs of the club or organisation.

We will be accepting applications throughout 2020, and teams, clubs and organisations will be selected based on level of need and community impact.