Tell us a bit about you… where did you work at prior to joining the team at Velocity Commerce?

I first met Eddie & PJ when we all worked together at nearly 10 years ago! Following my time working as a buyer, I moved to becoming an e-commerce consultant. Since then, and prior to my job here at Velocity, I worked at an Amazon agency where I spent my time learning all things marketplace from product optimisation, AMS and Amazon case management.

What does your role at Velocity involve?

My main role here at Velocity is to oversee the running and strategic planning of the Amazon consultancy side of the business. This includes anything from pitching to new prospects, talking to existing clients and coaching the team and keeping on top of the everyday issues Amazon throws up.

Talk us through a typical day…

A typical day for me always involves a morning cuppa, checking the performance of the accounts as well as planning the day for the team. After that, the day is often directed by the phone ringing or an account management escalation issue. In an agile world where one size doesn’t fit all there is always something going on.

What skills do you use day to day?

  • Data analysis using Amazon Brand Analytics and other data sources
  • Coaching the team from the smallest PPC advertising change to larger a+ copywriting project
  • Pulling together strategies for new clients launching with the agency

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I thrive on pushing myself out of my comfort zone and, at Velocity, there is always something new to learn, a problem to solve or an idea to develop, either for myself or with the wider team. Overseeing clients in many different categories from food to pets to electronics provides us with new challenges and learnings and passing insight on to clients always makes a difference, whether it be a new or existing brand their reaction is always the same and creates a buzz. My favourite at the moment is the difference between the desktop and mobile product listing pages on Amazon.

What is something that you have learnt during your time at Velocity?

That there are always improvements to be made, even if a process works or products sells there is always an opportunity to improve that. Instead of playing it safe and thinking defensively about retaining what the business does well, at Velocity we are given the space and the freedom to always go after something new and explore every potential opportunity, even if it’s outside of our current wheelhouse. This approach is what makes the business unique, and it’s exemplified in the team that works here.