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Velocity offer a range of services to help your business cultivate a stronger online presence. We focus on building the success and reputation of your brand, as well as increasing revenue through online platforms and marketplaces.


Marketplace solutions provides a direct relationship between the brand and its consumer; this relationship, established by our services, ensures that the success of our brand partners continues, whilst the trust of the brand is not disrupted in the perspective of the consumer. We work with marketplace specialists to provide a platform of opportunity for our partners, and our experts manage its channels’ success with a focus on SEO to target the market directly.


Every brand is different; our team of marketplace specialists work with you to increase the success of your brand and its presence in online retail market. Our success stories have included specially selected partners, both new and emerging, and established brands wanting to explore a direct route in the online marketplace. We pride ourselves in providing our selected partners with market exclusivity.


Our channel management services provide the opportunity for international sales through the Amazon marketplace and additional platforms. Our team have introduced new and emerging partners to some of the largest Amazon markets in the UK and Amazon International to successfully develop brand reputation and sales.

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