Velocity Eco

Combining their years of experience in ecommerce and online marketing, founders Eddie and PJ started Velocity in 2012 to bring a new and forward-thinking way of doing things to the world of online commerce and marketplaces.

We’ve since gone on to become award-winning eBay sellers, working closely with eBay for over a decade.

“Using Velocity eco has not only increased the value we recoup for our returns its aided our cashflow at difficult points of the year.”

- Nextbase


Since founding over ten years ago, our in-house electronics brand Majority has grown rapidly. With sales over 20 million a year globally, Majority has become a well-known and established brand in audio and radio.

Majority has also been successfully selling refurbished stock on eBay for nearly a decade, providing a new revenue stream from otherwise unused products. This helps contribute to the brand’s eco message and credentials.

How it Works...

We buy stock at X% of retail.

We refurbish it.

With the support of eBay, we sell the stock as certified refurbished. (this can be done via a branded store or our own)

“We have saved costly storage charges consolidating our returns while we work out what to do with them.”

- Majority

Us vs Market: The Benefits

Payment upfront vs stock sold on consignment or profit share – Positive cashflow impact immediately.

Sold on eBay as certified refurbished vs sold to sellers who can sell the stock anywhere – you have control of the sales channel and refurbished sales are non market disruptive.

We take returns back to our warehouse directly from amazon vs you collecting stock in your 3PL – you save money on storage and shipping.